Friday, 7 July 2017

Day 10: Thunder Bay to Winnipeg

Thunder Bay commute wasn't as scenic as my first day but still was quite beautiful until Dryden where construction and thunder showers left me a little damp. Kenora I'm sure you're a great city too but when you don't have a gas station unless you drive 10km into town it makes it less appealing. Clearwater Bay thanks for figuring this out.

I arrived into Winnipeg and met up with my brother in laws sister Katie. She was an awesome energetic and generous tour guide, we went to Jollibee to have some Filipino fast food and then hit the city, visiting St. Boniface Cathedral, Canadian Museum for Human Rights, The Forks (an awesome spot for food culture dance and the like!) and Manitoba Plaza. We even went for ice cream and saw some of the inner city and spoke on the challenges and successes of programs there. It was a complete look at the city and by car (thank you Katie again for driving me around) and I left really informed and happy to have visited.  I headed back to the hotel as my head was hitting the pillow I think I fell asleep!

Long day 703km 7:33 on Motorcycle

Monday, 3 July 2017

Day 9: Sault St. Marie to Thunder Bay

 One of the best riding days I have ever had was today!

I knew I had a lot of ground to cover yet again but the weather conditions were prefect and the scenery was unreal.

If the sun hadn't of went down I probably would have kept going, so many great sights right off the road. I would travel this route again, as there were perfect rivers and creeks set with lush green background. As someone who likes to drive and take photos this was just to perfect to pass up when I drove by some spots. Little pic river, Terrance Bay, Wabikoba creek were all amazing. With the only hiccup spraying gas in my eyes at an old pump in Wawa it was a really great day. Route 17 West is the ultimate Northern Ontario route, the pavement was superb and even though I travelled a lot I was not ready to get off the bike. I finished the night off eating at a BP but realized I can't eat hot food as the wind had burned my lips from having anything spicy haha
Lastly to Bruno Charlie and Richard have an excellent drive East through Canada and hopefully we can meet up when you're in Nova Scotia in August!

719km 7:09 on the bike

Day 8: Toronto to Sault St. Marie

After a great long evening I woke up and hit the road on a long 700km trek to northern Ontario. With not much time for stops, I hit the road and stopped minimally for gas and snacks. I was able to meet Oliver, another bike enthusiast travelling with his family who was nice to stop and talk about the trip with me (if you do head to NS please reach out and let me know!) It was really nice to meet you.

Also, on another gas stop around Spanish I met a guy named Terry who was travelling by Harley from PEI visiting Calgary. He was originally from Calgary and visiting the Stampede before heading back to PEI. Nice to meet you too!

I want to thank the guy I met at the comfort inn in Peterborough for recommending taking route 17 west for this part of the trip, very scenic!

I drove and nearly frooze to get to Sault. St Marie, splurged on a nice hotel with a hot tub and warmed up before calling it a night while updating posts.

Distance 700km 7:08 on the road

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Day 7: Canada Day and Blue Jays!

After an awesome fireworks show and a few drinks we went back to rest. I woke up in the morning early, the Blue Jays game was at 1:00 pm but I wanted to get out and enjoy the city and all the Canada day festivities. Hannah helped me with instructions to weave my way down through the city.

I started by grabbing a coffee and heading to Kensington Market, a very hip and unique area of Toronto. Most things were closed but the artwork and scenery was amazing. From there I walked through China town, visited the Eaton Centre and then met with Terra for the baseball game. Terra works for CF Canada in Toronto and I was able to take her to the game and catch up, it was great to meet her in person as she does so much through social media for Cystic Fibrosis Canada!

From there I walked around downtown. Chris from Adrenaline Tattoos and he hooked me up with some gear to wear and purchased a pin. Chris was an awesome very generous guy and merely did it because I had briefly talked about the fundraiser. I wasn't in the market for a tattoo that day but it was a fantastic shop and I'd go again!

I walked back much the same way I came, first seeing graffiti alley but stopping in for craft beer at different pubs, a pub crawl of sorts, had some wings (Alana nice to meet you and thank you for taking such interest in the fundraiser, you were very kind). Brayden the comedian from Saskatchewan I wish you the best of luck man, was also nice to meet you. Andre your artwork was amazing in Kensington Market, I will wear the shirt on the trip, glad we were able to talk real on some things. Toronto had lots of friendly and talkative people.

From there I finally got back to Hannah's apartment and conked out but not before having a VERY great piece of home made cake she made!

no bike, walked more kms than I can remember!

Friday, 30 June 2017

Day 5&6: Gatineau Park, Ottawa Peterborough and Toronto

Dave and I decided to go to Great Canadian Bungee where we took off and jumped from 200feet head first. It was a thrill, thank you again Dave for setting this up. After a long hard day of rain I took my shot and headed out to Peterborough to see Phil. I didn't land in until 11:30 and was met with lightning fog and deer, not optimal but glad I made it safe.

Phil and I awoke the next morning where we went on a ferry to see the Landlocks of Peterborough it was the largest in the world (65 feet). From there Phil kindly got me lunch and we said our goodbyes. He was even awesome enough to wear his CF shirt he had gotten from me.

From there I drove into Toronto where my wing Caelin was kind enough to get me accommodation with her friend Hannah who has been so so kind to let me stay for the Canada Day weekend!

Total time: 137km 1:32 on road

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Day 4: Ottawa Day!

After a nice evening with Dave and Jenn, I hit the road to travel to the Cystic Fibrosis Canada office in Ottawa. There I met the team Hilary and Jennifer and was a greeted with lots of hugs and praise. It was nice to stop into the office and share in the excitement of the trip! Even the building manager made a donation thank you Glen.

I felt a bit famous as we did a photo shoot for the cover of Cystic Fibrosis Canada Connections magazine ( ) and met one of the national board members Stuart, who was an inspirational, motivational, generous and to the point kind of guy. I was so glad to have met him, he threw a few KOALLO ® stickers on my gear and made a donation.

From here I actually went back and rested, knowing the limits of the trip are important and I took a few hours off to recharge.

That night, Dave organised an event at Craft Beer to see a lot of old friends and meet new ones. It was such an awesome night with great conversation thank you to everyone who made it out to catch up with one another. To those of you I spoke to on visiting Nova Scotia please don't hesitate to reach out, you all have been so accommodating and kind I'd gladly return the favour when in my neck of the Canadian woods!

Total: 54km 45 mins on road

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Day 3: Quebec City to Montreal to Ottawa
The day started off with a great breakfast and conversation with the family I was staying with. I am not great with speaking french however I had a great time and conversations while there. From there I left for Montreal where I stopped at Bar-B-Barn for ribs, it was a great lunch. As soon as I had come out to leave thunderstorms rolled in and it was a challenging bumper to bumper drive out of the city before hitting the Ontario boarder and stopping at a winery and then heading into Ottawa.

I landed in and had a wonderful dinner with Jenn who then took me out to see Ottawa we even had a chance to see the Italian Prime Minister drive by! Dave arrived in after work and we threw back a few glasses of whiskey before calling it an evening. It is so great to be with friends again in Ottawa. Looking forward to the next few days!

438km 4:51 on Motorcycle